I've been using drumskins as canvases for my ink drawings since 2007, when
I started experimenting on used drum heads that friends had laying around their jam spaces in Montreal. This was how I discovered the ink and water technique used in much of my art, illustration and animation today.

I draw inspiration from a long and diverse history of drumskin art, particularly the decorative illuminated bass drums of the 1920s and 30s. My recent work uses animation techniques to deconstruct motion, revealing hidden rhythms and moments of transcendence in the natural world.

I have created over 100 pieces to date, ranging in size from 13-36 inches. They hang framed on the wall or mounted on vintage drums with lights inside. I have shown my work in Montreal, Victoria and San Francisco, and several pieces have toured North America on the drum kits of rock bands.

Inquiries: art@aimeevandrimmelen.com \\ Prints available at Mammoth & Co.